Summer Sinless Sunsets

The one who sees, dreams.

Oh the sun on a lengthy summer day,

Setting its ways, its heart once again,

But in the flaring light,

With a kaleidoscope of colors rippling by,

I feel the shine on my skin, my soul, my heart.

I’m cleansed of yet another day. 

To start anew,


I pray. 

Dream Beyond 2017


One Mississippi…

The pitch black nights are the hours filled will the most vibrant and outstanding objects. 

The bleakest morning are those that encompass the pinnacles of excitement.

The most painful moments are the ones laden with the deepest volumes of beauty. 

Each passing day, each shifting hour, each itching moment,

…One Mississippi…

…Take a deep breath…

…Pause a moment and take in what is around you…



Surrounding your soul.

The only reason nights lack light, a lack of presence of observed by your eyes,

The singular logic for mornings having bleakness and a sense of loneliness,

The one way the most hurting times of life mature into something beautiful…

Nothing is as it seems.

Or as they appear to be. 

Stop looking at the surface,

Start looking beneath.

Halt yourself from making assumptions,

Begin to make observations. 

…Two Mississippi…

…Exhale deeply…

…Go back to the one thing in your surrounding that caught your eye…

It’s a perception issue,

A delay in deduction,

A misfire in interpretation.

Alas, freeze your frame,

Put a moratorium on those thoughts,

So much as to the venture of thinking in which you were progressing. 

…three Mississippi…

The end lies here. 

You’ve tracked a path all the way to here. 

Where is here?


That reason, 

For darkness, bleakness, pain…

Life, in its most simple attributes,

Is a series of moments strung together in a narrative that we label as our own. 

Each picture, each pause, 

Is a blank canvas,

Leaving you to make beauty out of everything.

That my fellow dreamer is the magnitude of dreaming. 

Don’t leave your symphonies, your novels, without embellishing them,

Without making them your own. 

You are the dreamer, the architect, the perpetrator of innovations in this awe inspiring play.

Your dreams are your paintbrush,

Now is your time to make those lines. 

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017

Dreaming on the Horizon

Upon the lines this world has drawn,

Light lies licking the blooming morning sky.

I am able to see for miles and miles in every direction,

But every plane of vision stops at the line.

Not too long ago the world ended at those edges,

Pieces of a box we all once lived in.

Confined humanity to the reaches of the eyes,

Not believing in the reaches of the mind.

Dreams, they exude up and out, 

Sink and rise, flutter and fly.

Skip across the waters,

Somersault every mountain,

Traverse devastating deserts,

Conquer crippling tundras.

No horizon can hold back dreams.

No prison can suppress,

Let not our thoughts depress,

Or this world bring duress,

To the ravishing creations we design.

We are the architect of not just our future, but the past and the present too.

Live your life through dreams,

And live on the horizons,


Copyright Dream Beyond 2017

Drowning in Dreams

Step. Step. 

Tip. Toe

Each one closer, closer, to the end of the dock. 

Just wait till the big step comes at last, I’m sent hurdling, reeling,

I make a splash. Oh what a spectacle, a sight to see, 

I’m flailing, I’m struggling, I cannot get free! 

I’m below the surface, submerged, immersed, I’ve lost the dock, 

I’ve descended into darkness, what could be lurking near, which way is up? 

They are crowded around me, like moths drawn to the only lamp in a desolate field, not a gap to be seen, 

I’m drowning in mayhem, a skyscraper of aspirations collapsing and covering me with debris, suffocating in dreams. 

I’ve found my rest at the bottom, amoung the discarded items, lost memories, all in the bleak unending dark, 

Just another sunken treasure, an enchanting post card never delivered, lost at sea, lost at heart.

The air disperses, it turns and bends, it seeps from the cracks that lie in my fragile bones. 

I’m without words to comfort, or methods to transport them with tones. 

Here I lay, wrecked at last. 

The madness caught up with me, I possess only the distinct lack of anything but a continuous state of lacking itself. 

Weighted down by the very thing I cry to express, only by that which I sought to herald to the masses,

Dreams come alive every moment of the day, but to no avail,

Just escape from me like precious word of life departing in time, as bubbles of air leaving my lungs. 

Creation not tended to or nurtured is a disastrous crime. 

So I’ve come upon my sentence, 

The punishment, 

The ruin. 

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017

Who Influences your Dreams…

The one who dreams, believes. 

Eyes flutter, breath returns. 

Thoughts sputter, mind yearns. 

Another waking moment,

Another morning light, 

Roused from dreams held onto so tight.

Where to go, where to be,

Who to know, who to see. 

Shapes form and construct the world we encounter, discover, and live in,

Colors and sounds shape the emotions we expereince, perceive, and draw in. 

I’m a formless thought, 

A motionless dream,

Until those forces apply pressure, 

They procure positions and mold my lines,

I’m trapped between letters and empty inside. 

“No longer!” I say, nay I declare. 

I am my own being, remove your weight from me. It isn’t fair.

The fields of gold grow without restraint,

Yet daily I find myself chained down without a moment to my own. 

When did The Dream cease to matter?

This world can get a room, I’m not waiting in this queue, 

For what? 

So I can be a programmed clone?

It’s taken enough of my soul, enough of my time. 

I’m me, I’m a dream, can’t you see?

My heart is in the clouds,

If you need me, 

That is where I’ll be. 

I shed the influence, the intentions,  of a ruthless, grounded world, 

And gaze to the works of my brothers and sisters in skyward arms. 

Oh dreamers immerse me in wonderstruck thought,

Oh dreams take me to the skies I’ve always sought. 

Be free of the torture and hurt,

Be broken from the shackles and bottomless pits of despair. 

To the blossoming sunset,

To the meandering stars.

Let’s get lost on the horizons,

Let us,

Go Far. 
Copyright Dream Beyond 2017

Graduating from Dreaming?

31,536,000 seconds

525,600 minutes 

8,760 hours

365 days

1 year

It has been one single year since I walked the stage, the endpoint of my high school dreams. 

I look and see so many around me taking that same step into what feels like the immediate unknown. 

I feel no further than I was then. I feel no older than I was then. 

Wasn’t progress supposed to be made? Wasn’t a foundation supposed to be laid?

Were not Dreams to be fulfilled, and Giants to be killed?

I’m one year further and I’m more fearful than ever, more scared of “never,” more afraid of the life I see around me. 

See I feel so lost in the imagination draining world because it feels like we’ve all forgotten how to imagine, forgotten how to dream. 

I hate the chains You have put on my wrists, my mind, my heart. 

Look at the pain You’ve caused me, I feel torn apart. 

I had a simple wish with a simple desire,

To live my dreams… 

Is that such a problem? Can You not let me be filled? 

World, I want to bask in your beauty, to revel in your nature.

Just drop the evil act, the dark mirage, and let me dream forever. 

I may have graduated once, but I didn’t graduate from dreaming. 

I mean feel lost and shaken up, but I’ll never stop believing. 

You cannot kill imagination, you cannot kill hope. 

I tasted what I’ve dreamt of and now I’m never giving up. 

Come with me,

Let’s ride.

There are dreams to be had and that giant sky. 

We must conquer and take it into the palm of our hands. 

We are strong enough tall enough wise enough, we are enough. 

So let’s all graduate every year. Let us put away the things that cause us to fear. 

And let’s not just dream, but do. For a dreamer without doing is just some happy thoughts. A dreamer with doing has found what has been sought. 
Copyright Dream Beyond 2017


*ding ding*


There isn’t much space here. 

Maybe I should…



Right where you are. 

Whatever thoughts you’re having,

Whatever decisions you made,

Let them just halt for a moment.

I plead with you, listen to me. 

You’re staring at the exit like its the only option. 

Is running from this really what will solve it?

I’m here. We were here. Why do you have to go?

This room was filled with dreams and happiness and sincerity and honesty. 

Empty. Space. Silence. 

I can’t even stand in our room. 

I look through foggy windows,

Teary eyes,

A heavy heart,

And struggling dreams. 

I want that exit. 

From the heartache,

From the pain,

From all those wonderful memories that seem to have been forgotten,

Left behind,

And here I am. 

I’ll sit here. 

I’ll watch…

That exit sign. 

Just because you walked out of my life and my dreams,

Doesn’t mean you can’t walk back. 

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017