A Christmas Dream

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Christmas time is here again, it’s the time of year to give to others and spend our hours with one another. However on this cheery day, these dreams of mine are full and plenty.

They go like this:

I wake in the morn of this blissful day, I run down the stairs with much haste. The snow has fallen, the windows frosted. There’s a small fire in the fireplace and the others begin to awake. We surround the tree, beaming with lights, and we divide up the presents with their treasures hidden and wrapped just right. As the paper is shed, new memories are had, and the morning is filled with splendor.

Once this dream is over and my family parts ways, the last thing to behold is each sweet embrace. However, something is missing, and it’s the sight of your face. That smile and presence is a present for all, but for me its gift greater than all. For that afternoon once the others have gone, the eve can be spent under the cherry tree, make snowmen and snowangels and have hot chocolate and tea. Who knows on such a magical day one may even see a sparrow fly across the sky. But all I know is my Christmas dream cannot be completed without thee. Worry not for there are times and days to come, with wishes to make and songs to be sung. So sing a carol with me in mind and enjoy this day with those there who I know are so kind. Do not dream so much that you withdraw from them but enjoy this day of joys and benevolence. Merry Christmas to all and to you have a beautiful day!

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A present is something you give to another, I give to you words from you favorite brother, we share in these dreams, they meet at the seems, and all is here before us. Take in a breath and breathe today, for we receive and give on this bountiful day. Let the wonders around mystify you as their bliss you survey, and as know that all has been given and at the feet we lay of a bigger dreamer who dreamt us up. For, if we are dreaming the the dream wasn’t a dream by us but a dreamer dreamt of the dreamers dreaming and thus the dreaming dream. So dream today as the Holidays sail by, and know that our time each day is one of a kind.


I Dreamed A Dream

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I Dreamed a dream…

of days to come not those that have passsed.

I certainly do not wish to dream of my past. 

I yearn to dream of the far off times,

The countless lands I have yet to see,

Roaming hills and sailing the sea,

A tinted sky full of breath.

Filling my soul with the light of the night,

The dreams I dream I shan’t soon forget