A world without dreams


without imagination you miss the big picture

​​​Blinding light without a shine,

    Thundering storms without rain,

    Rolling hills without meadows,

Never ending tracks, 

 No train.

A world without dreams seems a lot like a world without you.

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017


Drowning in Dreams

Step. Step. 

Tip. Toe

Each one closer, closer, to the end of the dock. 

Just wait till the big step comes at last, I’m sent hurdling, reeling,

I make a splash. Oh what a spectacle, a sight to see, 

I’m flailing, I’m struggling, I cannot get free! 

I’m below the surface, submerged, immersed, I’ve lost the dock, 

I’ve descended into darkness, what could be lurking near, which way is up? 

They are crowded around me, like moths drawn to the only lamp in a desolate field, not a gap to be seen, 

I’m drowning in mayhem, a skyscraper of aspirations collapsing and covering me with debris, suffocating in dreams. 

I’ve found my rest at the bottom, amoung the discarded items, lost memories, all in the bleak unending dark, 

Just another sunken treasure, an enchanting post card never delivered, lost at sea, lost at heart.

The air disperses, it turns and bends, it seeps from the cracks that lie in my fragile bones. 

I’m without words to comfort, or methods to transport them with tones. 

Here I lay, wrecked at last. 

The madness caught up with me, I possess only the distinct lack of anything but a continuous state of lacking itself. 

Weighted down by the very thing I cry to express, only by that which I sought to herald to the masses,

Dreams come alive every moment of the day, but to no avail,

Just escape from me like precious word of life departing in time, as bubbles of air leaving my lungs. 

Creation not tended to or nurtured is a disastrous crime. 

So I’ve come upon my sentence, 

The punishment, 

The ruin. 

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017


*ding ding*


There isn’t much space here. 

Maybe I should…



Right where you are. 

Whatever thoughts you’re having,

Whatever decisions you made,

Let them just halt for a moment.

I plead with you, listen to me. 

You’re staring at the exit like its the only option. 

Is running from this really what will solve it?

I’m here. We were here. Why do you have to go?

This room was filled with dreams and happiness and sincerity and honesty. 

Empty. Space. Silence. 

I can’t even stand in our room. 

I look through foggy windows,

Teary eyes,

A heavy heart,

And struggling dreams. 

I want that exit. 

From the heartache,

From the pain,

From all those wonderful memories that seem to have been forgotten,

Left behind,

And here I am. 

I’ll sit here. 

I’ll watch…

That exit sign. 

Just because you walked out of my life and my dreams,

Doesn’t mean you can’t walk back. 

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017

Broken Dreamer


*panting for breath*

I’m awake. 

I was dreaming. 

What is going on?

What day is it?

What time is it?

I’m still behind in that world. 

As I pace through my days here and there,

There are dark forces around me everywhere. 

Those worse than just a simple nightmare,

Those that live in reality, it’s them I cannot bear. 

With frantic glances I scan the path I’m walking in. 

Everyday has become eternal night. 

Everyday morning fills me with grieving fright. 

As the sun breaks the sky, and the light refills the world around,

My eyes open wide, the panic sets in, there’s something gone, there’s something I found. 

So that’s where they are. 

That is why they do not work. 





Now can I even call them dreams?

They’re just hopeful wishes that never will be. 

But it’s not the dreams that leave a shell, 

A broken dreamer, 

Nothing of the former self,

What it is, 

Is the reality I once had…

Smiles and warmth,

A bright day, every day,

An upbeat song is all I sing,



Dreaming in light,

Forgetting the person I used to be,

Living the man I know I see

The time flying away,

As reality starts to fade,

I’m dreaming,

I’m living,

With no care to be had,


There was hope that made me glad. 

Don’t be confused I’m not broken over the future,

Over some thoughts that sailed by,

I’m laying here in pieces because of…

Because of…

Each day. 

I was there, 

Living what only I could dream of. 


I’m here,

Living in only what was.

Unsure of what to think. 

Unknowing of what to do. 

I suppose I’ll go back to what I was doing,

Just dreaming of you 

Dreaming of Paradise

Could I really be dreaming again, Of the place they call paradise?

Could I really be dreaming of you again, Of the one who makes me in paradise?

It’s paradise indeed that’s dreamt of by you and me, All us included we wish to be there. 

Each day it seems, nay each moment it is, that my thoughts reach further than the pane glass of reality that makes up the box I’m trapped in.

To paradise, I’m on my way,

My thoughts run out before me, entwining with my imagination to form what we call a dream.

It’s there that I see you whom makes the dreamer dream of dreams concerning the land that lies beyond the seems of this glass box. 

Rolling hills and sunsets so bright,

Ocean vistas and stars dancing at night.

Tropical themes or evergreen trees, the reality of it all is that paradise follows you and along comes me. 

With that a dreamer can dream of a land called paradise, with you whom together we shall take off. 

A one way ticket to the land dreams of made from…

*toot toot*

All aboard!

Copyright Dream Beyond 2016

Dazed Daydreams

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Every morning I awake, to live in this dream we call fate

As the sun rises today, I’m left without any words to say

My dreams and plans dwindle down, while reality claims its place in town,

I’m left with my daydreams to keep me from blight

I hold them fast to save me my sight,

Daized and scheming, the daydreams fly,

With each new dream, i soar to the sky,

I escape from reality, i escape my plight

I see new worlds, i see the bright light

There are no limits, no rules, no lies, no fears, if you cant dream of this world you’re already here,

These dazed daydreams do me just fine, i escape to a world thats truly all mine, 

There’s a glint of hope in everyone’s eye, to dream a dream and never die

But reality breaks our hope with one quick sigh, it fills us with doubt and feeds us a lie,

To doubt our dreams is the worst possible thing, its how think, its how we sing
Copyright Dream Beyond 2016

The Weight of Living, The Wait of Living

The Weight of living is a terrible thing,

It presses down on body and soul,

Until It has accomplished its final goal,

Takes your dream, encircle it, and makes you give it up.

The wait of living is a glorious thing,

It gives hope to body and soul,

Until you have accomplished your final goal,

Take your dream, set it free, and set to the sky.

Let not the weight of living crush your soul, 

For the wait of living bestows on you a proctective shawl in knowing your days are for those untold in a land of dreams come true.

However my fellow dreamer, the weight of living is a deadly force, 

For it can kill your hope and stop you before you start. Dream around it, avoid the tears, circumvent the pain I knew. 

Reality is a problem not worth living with,

So live outside of it.