One Mississippi…

The pitch black nights are the hours filled will the most vibrant and outstanding objects. 

The bleakest morning are those that encompass the pinnacles of excitement.

The most painful moments are the ones laden with the deepest volumes of beauty. 

Each passing day, each shifting hour, each itching moment,

…One Mississippi…

…Take a deep breath…

…Pause a moment and take in what is around you…



Surrounding your soul.

The only reason nights lack light, a lack of presence of observed by your eyes,

The singular logic for mornings having bleakness and a sense of loneliness,

The one way the most hurting times of life mature into something beautiful…

Nothing is as it seems.

Or as they appear to be. 

Stop looking at the surface,

Start looking beneath.

Halt yourself from making assumptions,

Begin to make observations. 

…Two Mississippi…

…Exhale deeply…

…Go back to the one thing in your surrounding that caught your eye…

It’s a perception issue,

A delay in deduction,

A misfire in interpretation.

Alas, freeze your frame,

Put a moratorium on those thoughts,

So much as to the venture of thinking in which you were progressing. 

…three Mississippi…

The end lies here. 

You’ve tracked a path all the way to here. 

Where is here?


That reason, 

For darkness, bleakness, pain…

Life, in its most simple attributes,

Is a series of moments strung together in a narrative that we label as our own. 

Each picture, each pause, 

Is a blank canvas,

Leaving you to make beauty out of everything.

That my fellow dreamer is the magnitude of dreaming. 

Don’t leave your symphonies, your novels, without embellishing them,

Without making them your own. 

You are the dreamer, the architect, the perpetrator of innovations in this awe inspiring play.

Your dreams are your paintbrush,

Now is your time to make those lines. 

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017



*alarm goes off*

It’s morning, another day, another week 

Get up. Run. Shower. 

Go to work/school/life.

Everyday you sit, 




A task is in front of you,

Something must be done NOW

Something needs your attention NOW.

Leave the fun times for when you’re not “busy,”

You’ll have time to enjoy yourself once this is done,



If you’re spending your days wishing of something else, what are you really waiting for?

Just dreaming of a better life/job/opportunity?

Dreaming isn’t meant to keep you in one place. 

Dreaming isn’t meant to just take up space. 

Dreaming is meant to be a call to action. 

Dreaming is meant to inspire reaction. 

Dreaming and doing are one in the same,

So live your life dreaming, and make those things happen. 

Enough is enough, put the phone/tablet/lab top down,

Stop watching someone else’s life and be what you seem to dare to dream. 

The dreaming is the easy part. 

The doing starts…


Why Even Dream?

“Why even dream?” 

the little boy asks his grandfather as he lays in bed with the conclusion of a bed time story. 

“Why not dream?”

he asks his grandson with great grandeur swelling in his wise eyes. 

The thoughts began to wiggle, the ideas became paper airplanes in a sky full of explanations. 

“Now son, there’s a reason up there, in that expanse packed so tight.”

Well there’s no where else to look for the little one’s answer but up.

I’m afraid that little one is far too many of us.

There’s a time in life where the kids are the dreamers and the dreams are left behind. But then there’s the rest of us dreamers who are starting to unwind. 

A little at a time, a spindle or a rhyme. Look we feel we all will run out of string eventually on this thread of dreaming we string together in  real life.

But wait, let’s not unwind but intensify the grandiose moments our hearts want to find, Those dreams, those events which will put us in the sky. 

So there’s a sky full of reasons why we shouldn’t even dream, but beyond those cloudy reasons the stars champion with reasons supreme. 

Let your hope in dreaming be channeled from there. Stop that depression of reality with a dreamer’s stare. 

You know the reason you dream, it keeps you alive. So don’t die to reality, don’t waste your time. 

Dream, please. 

Your spirit will thrive.