Paper Telescope 

Formed from inginuity,

Forged in imagination,

A vessel of special interactions,

To construct and display images rarely seen by men. 

A view of the heart,

A picture of the soul,

Panoramas of pure poetry skirting  across the sky. 

Once our hearts are released they take to the sky. 

So every night, 

As I take out my delicate telescope,

I feast upon paintings of love,

Displays of devotion across the heavens.

Dreams and tears collide,

With sights beyond measure.

At every dawn the map is folded away,

Leaving our paper telescopes to trace the pathways forged in darkness by the illumination of our hearts. 

Every day is a journey. 

Every night an adventure. 

I left my heart in the stars,

So that’s where you’ll find me. 

Copyright Dream Beyond 2017


Have you ever…

Have you ever looked up to the sky and wished to be up there? 

Have you ever seen a bird fly and wished you could as well? Have you ever been so in awe you forget how to speak? Have you ever been rendered speechless by a day? Or an avalanche of thoughts that overwhelm the brain? Or maybe a sea of dreams that reach to the sky? If you wished to be a bird then don’t be shy, you can soar on wings never to let your dreams die. If you forget how to speak let a stanza and rhyme tell it in time. If day stunts your speech then dream for a week of the day just passed and dance in the memories of the wonders you had. If an avalanche threatens your thoughts, go create snowmen and makes angels in spots. If a sea of dreams is all you see then my dear dreamer you  succeed. For, you’re a bird floating in the sea, your poems are waves that erode at time reveal the secrets it’s left to hide, your memories amass and flow with time and fill the ocean with each passing drift, the Avalanche melts and you’re left a sea, now my dear dreams look up and see. A dream is a journey, a beginning, a breath, that’s why when they come true there’s nothing to be said. Being speechless or lost is simply a cause of the wonders we chase in spite of our flaws

Have you ever looked up at the sky? You don’t need to make a wish since you’re already there